Classics are classic for a reason

Today was a day off for many schools nearby and that meant that we had the chance to see the school-aged kids during the morning. In addition to the school-aged kids, we also had a mix a familiar and brand new faces. 

I'm not sure who suggested it, but there were several of kids lined up to play hopscotch. It was so sweet to see the older ones helping out the younger ones. They encouraged the little ones as if they were remembering what it was like when they tried hopscotch for the first time.

We just have a basic board taped on our floors, but the kids enjoyed it just the same! I originally thought the older kids would think the game is boring compared to the devices they have access to today. How wrong I was. I'm thankful for the reminder that games are so much more than sounds and lights. They're a way to practice encouragement and empathy both on and off the screen. I'm grateful for the glimpses of care that children show each other everyday.