First book club discussion - The Conscious Parent


I am the proud grandmother of a five year old and a baby turning one year old on Saturday. Despite my age, I don't in any way see my parenting days as over. Thanks to Wishing Tree's first book selection, I am excited about learning about becoming a conscious parent-grandparent, and am eager to share what I am learning with my children on how to empower my grandchildren. The message in the first chapter that really resonated with me is that an ideal parent should try to refrain from parenting from the top-down (a hierarchal egoic style) to a more circular style of consciousness which involves a state of heightened awareness.

--Lynn Loving (parent of 30-year olds and grandparent of ages 16, 5, and 1)

I personally do not have any children but that doesn't mean I can not learn a thing or two. In chapter one I learned that how you respond to your child is important to their growth and unique spirit. Ultimately a parent would never want to break their child's spirit and that is something that I will remember for the future.

--Ashia Cosby (caretaker of Wishing Tree children)


To connect with your children first connect with yourself. Freeing yourself of labels given by others allows you to accept your children as they are. 

--Angela (caretaker of Wishing Tree children)


"This task is to raise yourself into the most awakened and present individual you can be. The reason this is central to good parenting is that children don't need our ideas and expectations, or our dominance and control, only for us to be attuned to them with our engaged presence." I love this quote because it reminds that each of my children are their own unique person and that is enough. 

--Mary (mother of children ages 7 and 5)