Fourth Week Book Discussion - The Conscious Parent

It's a real eye-opener to realize that whenever we are unconsciously parenting (reacting vs awake) during an episode when our children may be in need of controlled discipline that our over-reactions or out-of-control responses are triggered from unconscious wounds still in need of healing on the part of us parents. Lynn Loving

 Chapter 4 of the book "The Conscious Parent" talks about our ego and how there are different types of ego's that parents tend to have when it comes to their children. One of the many things in this chapter that I found interesting to me was " If we free ourselves from our ego and simply observe our children's development as life spontaneously teases it out of them, they become our teachers". One of the reason I really like this is because children can actually teach their parents how to be understanding to them and their needs. Angela Echevarria

" In all kinds of ways - if we are willing- our children take us into places in our hearts we didn't know existed." If we let go of our clutches with our egos, children can teach us so much. Ashia Cosby