How mazes bring out the best in us!


Today was another amazing day with so much to be thankful for and I'm especially thankful for our maze cube! If you've never seen a maze cube, just imagine the old ball-in-a-maze puzzles. Wikipedia just informed me of this very official name, but here's a picture for your viewing pleasure below. 

Turns out that these are dexterity puzzles! All of this time I thought they were mind-controlling toys that refused to let you blink or put the toy down until you made it to the finish or missed the finish enough times to question your purpose in life. Go figure. 

Now, imagine a six-year old boy who has now discovered this magical maze box. After several solid tries, he now comes to you for help. You show him that you are just as good at starting over as he is! Alas, he would like for you to get to the finish instead. After several solid tries you begin to hear comments from him such as, "Why did you let it fall there? Is that part hard? Have you done this before?" For the record, I'd only reached the finish once before.

Then, the questions get closer to your face as his eyes try to merge with yours as he also refuses to blink. All four eyes follow the steel ball moving from section to section. Then, you realize you stopped breathing five minutes ago. You take a deep breath. Then, a small nagging voice begins to grow inside of you. You ask yourself, "Self, are you really getting bothered by this? What is this moment trying to teach you?" You then decide that this little boy is really asking, "Can you show me how to stay calm when my many honest attempts result in failure after failure?" 

Figuring out this question calms me immediately and brings a renewed focus. I decide to blink, but only once! Then, drum roll...please...I reach the finish. 

I then hand it back to him and after many restarts he eventually makes it to the end on his own! It makes my heart beam just reliving this memory and typing it for the world to see. I'm thankful for the questions children make us ask ourselves. The answers have never failed to remind me of how we're always growing.