Lego My Picture Frame

Today was another amazing day, but with Legos sprinkled throughout!

This lesson has been repeated throughout all eight years of my parenting experience and still hasn't taken hold. Kids want so much less than what we think! 

Wishing Tree has varying types of building bricks. We have duplos, giant bricks, small bricks, and even magnatiles (if you want to include that). We even have a board game that involves legos! It's called Brick Party and I personally love it.

For today's craft we gave each child about 50 small bricks to make a small picture frame with a mini-polaroid to fit inside. 

Let's just say that the frames didn't go home in their original arrangement. The children found so much joy in rearranging the bricks and playing with them as toys. 

I'm thankful for the reminder that all of our best laid plans are just that...plans, thoughts, ideas from our imagination of how the world might work. I'm also thankful for the reminder that children aren't here to carry out our plans, but to honor their unique path.