Thankful for Game Night!

Tuesday nights are always fun because it's Game Night. In case you didn't know Game Night is free for members and only $10 for non-members.

It's a nice break during the week for parents to catch a movie or have adult conversation over dinner. For us, it's great to have several kids regularly break bread (pizza) together and build friendships.

The last few weeks have been especially fun because game night is gradually morphing into theater night. The kids love acting out their own versions of their favorite stories or movies. Tonight was a remake of Smurfs and Stars Wars. 

I'm thankful for not-so-quiet moments when a child has his or her idea heard and their friends agree that it's the best idea ever. I'm also thankful for the reminders that the world is an awesome place where Smurfette and Darth Vader effortlessly interact with each other.