Third Week Book Discussion - The Conscious Parent

I found the statement "Our children aren't fixed entities - but ever evolving beings who are constantly transforming themselves" to be interesting. The same thing is true for adults. Again, parenting is a spiritual journey we take together. When we can accept our children and ourselves for who we are at any given moment, we are promised a feeling of release and inner spaciousness which basically is another way of saying we are growing more conscious - together.  Lynn Loving


In the beginning of chapter 3 we learn that it is important to not only celebrate a child's actions but also their being and to accept them for who they are. What I am reading is resonating with me and I hope to utilize this information when/if I become a parent someday.  Ashia Cosby


In Chapter 3 I feel like I'm going back into my own childhood of accepting who I am although my parents and family may not have been thrilled of every aspect of me. I think some things parents should work on is being more open minded when it comes to their kids' happiness and finding themselves in their own skin. Angela Echevarria


I want to remember that my children are ever-evolving beings who are constantly transforming themselves. My wish is to nurture all of those aspects as they shift from princess to ninja to president and back to princess again.

-- Mary