Vroom vroom!!!

What happens when you share with co-workers? You get a car! A working car!!! 
Currently, I drive three employees to and from work. They all live in the same neighborhood, so it's not that difficult. They also live 15 minutes from me, so no martyrdom here. Plus, they're 100% worth it!
However, I began to hear the rumblings of a car in my ear a few months ago and toyed with the idea of buying them a car to share. (Did I mention how great they are?) The rumblings recently became so loud that something had to be done.
I asked all three women to put our positive energy together and pick a date and that a car would appear. (Just so you know kids really get a kick out of pretending that they're driving a car with you. Try it tonight!) 
Today, I told another employee about our car energy and she just happens to be selling a car...for practically nothing! 
I'm so thankful for all of my employees both past and present. A part of it feels that biology brings out the best in us when we're surrounded by children all day. Another part feels that it's the community we share here at One Loudoun. Either way, I'm grateful for those who choose to be a part of it all.