What is in a dream?


He would sport many varieties of beards and mustaches, but his default was a long, curly beard. (To this day, I love the feeling of stubble on a man.) He also loved trucker hats, M.A.S.H., This Old House, and a fishing show. (I'm going to guess that the name of the show was Fishing with Bob).

His dream was to own a boat and fish all day long. I sat through the first few minutes of Fishing with Bob many, many times and decided that fishing wasn't for me. This decision was cemented the one and only time that I went fishing with him. 

Someone once told me that a parent dying early in your life will increase the odds of you being a risk taker as you've experienced firsthand that tomorrow is not guaranteed. While this could be true, I'd like to think that his dreaming is what encouraged all of the endeavors that led up to Williams-Wishing Tree and all of the passions that I'll continue to pursue in this short-life. 

While I won't be fulfilling his dream of owning a fishing boat, I'd like to think that I'm passing the dreamer's torch to my own children and every child that comes to Williams-Wishing Tree.

Happy Father's Day!