When kids don't want Yoga Bunny's help

Breathe in... So, this post is really about impulse buys! I love books and am excited about Barnes and Noble opening a few feet away. <insert squeals of joy>

One day I'm perusing a completely finished and fully-functioning Barnes and Noble when I see not one, not two, but three children's books on yoga.

Now, stop! Do we really need three different yoga books on top of the totally awesome yoga cards that we already use with success at the store? Of course we do! One has a yoga bunny on the cover!! How can anyone turn down a yoga bunny?! The other two are sister books for mornings and evenings, so would fit perfectly into our morning and evening routines that I rarely follow.

This purchase was made almost two months ago, so decided to pull one down tonight. I'm extremely grateful that every prior yoga session at the store has been led by the daughter of a gifted yoga teacher. We even sell her cards, so check them out in person. 

Of course I lead with Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo. The bunny's graceful ears and non-existent fingers only made him more zen-like. We follow the story and attempt each pose as they unfold.

However, tonight's children (two of which are my own) were not impressed by Yoga Bunny nor his band of yoga-disliking friends. I could feel the stirrings of chaos as the "I already know how to do this" and "let's just try to find the cat on each page" began to flow from the lips of my own children. 

I decided to stick with it and follow the bunny's advice, taking deep breaths, and continuing each pose. One by one the children joined in and even enjoyed it by the end.

Today, I'm thankful for all of the reminders to not take things personally and to really feel each moment. I'm also thankful for the reminder that our children are reflections of ourselves. They are always asking us for ways to be one with the world and with themselves. The asking may come in the form of resistance or crying, but I hope that I can stay mindful and open long enough to offer a peaceful response that they can mirror until they truly know peace for themselves.

Now, if I can only fine tune this before Barnes and Noble opens and I spend every extra dollar there. Breathe out...