Who doesn't dig a dinosaur?!

Each day of our spring break camp has a different theme and today was all about dinosaurs! It brought many moments for which I'm thankful. 

First, the weather was spectacular! We had the opportunity to explore Central Park in the morning and went back out for a second round in the plaza in the afternoon. 

We couldn't have asked for a more playful and bright-eyed bunch. They played both indoor and outdoor games as if they'd already known each other for ages. 

Finally, macaroni! I'm also thankful for macaroni and the simple joy it brings. The joy starts from the second you spot the simple shapes and moves to your fingers as you feel the different textures. Finally, they somehow morph into something from pre-historic times. It's right up there with mindful coloring. 

Today was so amazing that I can already feel it pouring into tomorrow.