Bundles of Hours

Purchase your bundle of hours and use them as you need them. For example, purchase 12 hours today and leave your child for a 3 hour visit. You'll have 9 hours available to use later.   

Bundles of hours are valid for up to one year after purchase. This is flexibility at its finest! Per our terms and conditions, credits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

How we work in three easy steps!

1. Prepay for your hours below.

2. Schedule your visit in one of three ways:

  • through our Facebook services @wishingtreekids (recommended)
  • call us at 703-858-3800
  • email us at hello@wishingtreekids.com

    3. Provide a copy of your ID and your family's information (i.e. allergies) in person during your first visit. 


    • 10am - midnight every day of the week
    • Visits between 10am and 1pm must be reserved 24 hours in advance in one of the methods stated above. 
    • We will close at 7pm each evening if there are no reservations and children are not present 
    • Families with recurring memberships may submit special requests outside of the hours above (ex: 8am drop-offs, last minute day camps, overnight care). It never hurts to ask and the worst we'll say is no. 

    Children should be ages 4 through 12 and fully potty-trained. 

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