Make a Reservation

Wishing Tree provides age appropriate arts & crafts, games, staff-guided activities, and books galore for up to three hours a visit. This is perfect for parents who need a few hours for errands, dinner & a movie, or just time sans kids. 

1. Purchase your membership. Payments will be recurring and automatic, so you won't need to think about this again! 

2. Reserve your child's spot in one of three ways:

  • Register with our online reservation system and reserve your spot today. (Recommended) 
  • Call us at 703-687-3841
  • Email us at

Just happen to be in area and want to do a last-minute drop-off? No worries! Drop by and see if space is available. 

3. Bring in your child for a fun-filled visit. Please come at least 15 minutes before your first visit to complete your account. 

4. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You deserve it!