You're busy and we don't judge! Take advantage of our add-ons and make life less hectic. 

Meal pick-up - $8.00

  • pick-up prepared food from any restaurant in the Lotte shopping center
  • great for when you drop-off in a hurry
  • available for any visit length

Kids Mani & Pedi - $5

  • wash their precious hands and feet
  • clip their fingernails and toenails
  • hand and foot massage with lotion
  • available for 3-hour visits only

Laundry - $15

  • wash pre-sorted load (10lbs or less) in cold water
  • dry on a high heat setting
  • folded neatly before you pick-up your child
  • available for 3-hour visits only
Wish Trip - $20
  • pick-up and drop-off children within a 7 mile radius from our current location
  • limited availability