Member Plans

Click here to become a member today! Don't lose the opportunity to make time for yourself and give your kids a great time too. Wishing Tree loves win-win experiences. 

monthly price This amount is recurring and charged on the 1st of each month. Cancel anytime through your online profile.
3-hour visits Each visit is a maximum of 3 hours. Only one visit per day. 
price per visit This is a breakdown of the monthly price/visit for your convenience as you compare savings between plans.
referral discount Once you become a member, you can receive a discounts off of your monthly autopay. For example, if you're a member and 3 of your friends sign up for the Blue package, you would receive 30% off of your monthly autopay as long as your friends remain active members. If five friends take advantage of our Stardust aftercare program, your membership would be free! :)
rollover visits Visits can be rolled over from month to month for the duration of your membership. You can save them to use towards camps or when you have busier months.
price per extra visit This is the price per visit after you have used all of the visits that come with your plan. Some months are little busier than others, but not enough to bump up to the next membership plan.
visits can be used towards playdates Bringing a friend is not a problem; just use one of your visits! The child will need to create a free KidCheck account to track their allergies and other important information.
2 visits = 1 full day camp Not using as many visits as you thought? Now you can combine visits to put towards camp! Two of your regular visits equals one full day of camp, so 10 regular visits can be rolled over and used for a full week of camp! Subject to availability. 
Wish Trip add-on Wish Trip is a car  service for members! We can take your child to any location within a five-mile radius of Wishing Tree where a responsible adult will be waiting for them. For example, we can pick up Olivia from school and take her to the ballet studio that doesn't offer transportation. We can pick her up again after ballet and bring her to Wishing Tree or you can pick her up from the ballet studio. Wish Trip can only be purchased with its corresponding visit membership. For example, a Green member cannot add the Stardust Plus add-on. 
rides A ride is one leg of a trip. If we picked up David from school and took him to swim class, that would be one ride. If we picked him up after swim class and brought him to Wishing Tree that would be considered a second ride. Rides are subject to availability. 
price per ride This is a breakdown of the monthly price/ride for your convenience as you compare savings between plans.
rollover rides Rides can be rolled over just like visits. You can save them for that business trip when you'll need a little extra help. 
price per extra ride This is the price per ride after you have used all of the rides that come with your plan. This means that you don't have to sign up for the Stardust Membership just to take advantage of more rides. For example, Olivia is a Green Plus member, but needs a total of 10 rides this month. She would use the two rides that already come with her membership and then pay $20 for each additional ride. ($160 for this scenario. As a Blue member, she would have paid $90 instead of the $160.)
Stardust and Stardust Plus This is targeted towards families that have children who need after school care and/or transportation. We can pick up your children everyday from school and bring them to Wishing Tree or to another activity center.