Welcome to Wishing Tree: A Habit Hacker HQ!

We offer a unique program that instills healthy habits through fun brain and body games and exercises.


We focus on three areas of your child's life: 1) personal, 2) social, and 3) motivation. 

1. POLLINATE a positive sense of self through self-expression and self-regulation through physical activities and mental exercises that include obstacle courses, art, and reading.

2. SOW a sense of community through cultural awareness and group exercises and team-building puzzles that work the body and mind.  

3. GERMINATE healthy body and brain habits that bring positive energy to each child's unique areas of focus. What does it really take to become a video game designer, dancer, or doctor?


    • 2 sessions - $72
    • 4 sessions - $120
    • 8 sessions - $192

    Sessions roll over from month-to-month and are expire one year after purchase. Cancel at anytime.